August 1, 2019 | EST. READ TIME: 3 MIN

Terex Expansion Bolsters Economic Growth in Watertown

Third-party logistics (3PL) services provider, Comprehensive Logistics Inc, (CLI) will be locating to Watertown as part of its plan to assist Terex with their parts and warehouse management needs. The expansion is part of a ripple effect that is taking place in Watertown after Terex started their expansion earlier this year.


The company is one more of a few businesses that have already made their move to be closer to Terex since their announcement.


CLI is a full-service logistics and value-added assembly business focused on automotive, construction, mining, agriculture and consumer goods industries. The Company has operations in more than 12 states and services a broad range of customers.


The Watertown Development Company will build and lease back to CLI a 60,000 square foot facility in Calvin Industrial Park. The company is expected to add approximately 25 full time positions with yearly salaries ranging from $34,000 to $100,000 and an estimated $4.3 million in capital investment to Watertown.


Michelle Kakacek is the Director of Business Development for the Watertown Development Company.  She has been working with CLI on a lease/purchase agreement for the new building for several months. “We are thrilled to welcome Comprehensive Logistics to Calvin Industrial Park. It is exciting to see an industry leader in supply chain solutions set up shop in Watertown and partner with a local manufacturer. It illustrates how growth of one business can spur additional investment in our local economy.”


Manufacturers from around the world rely on supply chain management systems like CLI’s because building an in-house distribution system can be costly when vehicles and vehicle repair, fuel and labor costs are taken into account.


“Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc., is proud to have been selected to support Terex Utilities and the Watertown community with innovative and progressive warehouse and transportation solutions with the singular goal to produce the highest quality utility vehicles,” said Brad Constantini, CEO of Comprehensive Logistics.


Comprehensive Logistics’ operations will support and sustain Terex production capacity through engineered warehouse processes applied to key part flow-paths routed through this new facility.  Consulting with Terex, CLI has developed a “Plan For Every Part” (PFEP) methodology and set requirements for material receiving, inventory storage space, parts picking, re-packaging for line presentation, sub-assemblies and kitting services, built in-sequence for production.  CLI will transport materials by short-run shuttle trucks to the assembly plant triggered by Terex ERP/EDI communications and build forecasts.


With CLI management of resources, consisting of material handling vehicles, special handling equipment, barcode labeling and packaging containers, an entire team of CLI trained people will be dedicated to delivering safe, sustainable optimized performance for Terex within this purposefully constructed facility.


CLI operations will enable Terex to focus on assembly of world-class products, while CLI assures that the exact parts needed for assembly are delivered just-in-time.


CLI expects to be fully operational by Spring 2020.