March 23, 2019 | EST. READ TIME: 1 MIN

Oilfield and Construction Service Company Moves to Watertown

A North Dakota supplier of oilfield and construction services has expanded to Watertown.


Sentry, out of Waterford and Williston, N.D., has expanded its business, making it the company’s 3rd location for operations.


The expansion will result in up to 40 new jobs for Watertown.


Sentry started in 2011 as a crane company whose focus was primarily on the oil fields. They now offer roustabout, welding, well services, trucking, and building concept services, pre-plumbed skid buildings for industrial infrastructure and the oil field, pre-manufactured pipe; welded/flanged, grooved, and threaded, and crane work services.


The company had considered other locations to expand but chose Watertown because they are familiar with the area, there were existing buildings available, and the availability of skilled workforce for what they would need for their operations.


Sentry is located at 1414 5th Street SE in Watertown.