September 9, 2019 | EST. READ TIME: 4 MIN

Mavericks Restaurant to Anchor Goss Building

Mavericks Steak and Cocktails has signed a lease to locate in the Goss Opera House in downtown Watertown.


The restaurant group has experience in operating popular restaurants as well as providing banquet and event services.


“We are ecstatic that Mavericks will anchor the Goss for a long time,” said Friends of the Goss Opera House Executive Director Missy Sinner. “Mavericks will be an ideal fit for Watertown and the Goss.”


Mavericks has restaurants in Aberdeen and Deadwood and a new location opening in Saint Cloud, MN. It offers a large, varied menu consisting of locally raised beef, ribs, seafood, pasta, sandwiches and salads. A menu somewhat similar to the Aberdeen location is planned for the Goss.


“The board was especially impressed with Mavericks’ proven experience catering events,” Sinner said. “They know just what it takes to offer exceptional service to a restaurant full of guests, while simultaneously and seamlessly catering a large event in the Opera Hall,” citing the Mavericks Aberdeen location, which also caters for the Dakota Event Center which is operated by Lamont Companies.


Sinner will be the point of contact for interested parties looking to book their venue at the Goss and will assist guests through the whole experience, including collaborating with Mavericks for catering.


“We are very excited to be part of the Watertown community,” said Kraig Schlaht and Jeff Lamont, owners of Mavericks. “The Goss Opera House building is a unique venue with so much history and character. We’ve been impressed by the community support of the project, and we look forward to bringing great food and excellent customer service to the Goss and downtown Watertown.” “The Goss Opera House building presents a unique experience. We have watched the community rally behind this historic attraction. We know others are investing in downtown with projects that will significantly increase downtown traffic and we want to be a part of it.”


Mavericks was brought to the attention of the Friends of the Goss by the Watertown Development Company (WDC).


WDC Marketing Director Traci Stein said her group met with them in Las Vegas during the ReCon event that brings retail, hospitality and communities together.


“In the world of economic development and recruitment, months and sometimes even years can go by in persuading a prospect to locate to a community,” Stein said. “I had sent the Goss Request for Proposal to Mavericks several months ago and we have been communicating back and forth on it since.”

“They weren’t able to look into it much further until we met in Las Vegas during ReCon. There, we were finally able to discuss more details about it. Mavericks representatives came to tour the Goss and see if it would be a good fit for them. Turns out, it was. I am happy to hear Mavericks is ready to start,” Stein said.


Milt Carter, President of the Friends of the Goss Opera House said his group will work to modify the building’s heating and cooling system to enhance the public’s experience in the restaurant and theater, as well as making other necessary building improvements.


Mavericks plans to begin design work to meet its format, and a second banquet kitchen is planned for existing space on the second floor to enhance service for large groups.


Roof renovations, along with other work in the theater and the Mavericks restaurant area, are planned in the coming months. The new restaurant will open in the spring of 2020.


“Securing a qualified restaurant operator was one of our top priorities,” Carter said. “We have a big challenge ahead, but the community has responded, and the addition of Mavericks tells us that a lot of people believe in our mission.”