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Homebuyers may receive a down payment of up to 3% (with a maximum amount of $6,000) towards the purchase of their new home. The funds are provided as an interest-free, 3-year forgivable second mortgage. No payments are required on the second mortgage unless the home is sold, no longer used as the buyer’s primary residence, transferred, or refinanced before the 36th month of ownership.

Municipal Utilities

Utilities & Taxes

Serving the Watertown, South Dakota community for over 60 years, Watertown Municipal Utilities provides electric, water and natural gas services to over 10,000 residential and 2,000 commercial customers. Watertown Municipal Utilities is committed to providing competitive utility rates for our customers and is consistently ranked among the lowest cost in comparison to other Utility companies in the Region.

As a provider of electric, water, and natural gas utility services to the residents and businesses in our community, it is their continuing endeavor to provide their customers with high quality, safe and efficient services at the lowest possible cost, while promoting conservation and responsible management of resources.

Monthly Comparisons

Comparison of monthly costs for Electricity, Water and Natural Gas for Eastern SD Cities

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