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WDC’s Attract & Enhance Program has invested in growing our area workforce and increasing skills of the current workforce by providing matching funds to employers for relocation expenses for qualifying positions and investment in training and up-skilling of current employees.

To be eligible for matching funds, the following conditions must be met:

  1. For relocation expenses or signing bonuses for new employees relocating to Watertown, the applicant must have accepted a position in an in-demand field or be filling a critical-need position.
  2. For relocation expenses for temporary relocations for full-time interns, the applicant must have accepted a temporary, full-time internship in an in-demand field or a critical need position.
  3. For scholarships or tuition reimbursement for training and/or “up-skilling” of current employees, the applicant must either be employed in an in-demand field or filling a critical-need position or the training for the applicant must enhance the applicant’s skills in a way that allows for future professional growth in an in-demand field or critical need position and contributes to a more well-trained area workforce.
  4. Qualifying positions must be considered as being either in an in-demand field or filling a critical need and require at least one of the following:
    1. Completion of a post-secondary degree, certificate, or specialized training
    2. Defined amount of relevant work experience
    3. Combination of relevant education and experience
  5. The employer must provide proof of its investment.
  6. Applications must be received within 60 days of the date of hire for relocation requests and within 60 days of the approved training program for training/up-skilling requests.

Because the program is intended to provide incentives to increase both the size and skill level of the Watertown area workforce in areas deemed to be either in-demand fields or critical-need positions (see section 4 above), certain types of positions may not be eligible for the program including: retail, sales, restaurant and hospitality, customer service, and other entry-level or mid-level positions that do not require a specialized degree or certificate or specific experience. Contact the WDC prior to submitting an application to discuss the position or training sought for advice on eligible positions if matching funds are being sought for any of the positions noted as possible exclusions.

Administration & Funding

The program is administered and funded by the Watertown Development Company (“WDC”). Employers requesting funds for an applicant will be required to submit an application to the WDC. In order to ensure that funds are disbursed appropriately, proof of employer investment will be required prior to disbursement of matching funds by the WDC. Additionally, the employer may be required to provide proof that any matching funds awarded were disbursed as outlined in the employer’s application.


Applications will be reviewed by a committee within the Watertown Workforce Advisory Council. The committee will make recommendations to the WDC whether to approve applications as presented, approve with changes, or decline approval. The WDC will review the recommendations of the committee and either approve or decline the requests. If an employer’s request is declined, they have the right to request that the application be reconsidered.

Program Limits

The program provides a 50/50 match with the maximum payout to any single company of $7,500 per calendar year. To illustrate, if a qualifying candidate is extended an employment offer with relocation benefits of $4,000, the employer would be required to fund $2,000 of that benefit, and the Attract & Enhance Program would fund the other $2,000.

If a company has applications that would put them in excess of their limit within any calendar year, it would be up to the committee to provide a recommendation to the WDC whether or not to provide an exception to the limit based on remaining budgeted funds and/or year-to-date participation of other employers. Approved requests for matching funds will be recorded per the date of the qualifying event (hire date, training date, etc.).

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Impacts on Watertown’s Workforce

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